Underground Utilities


Wastewater System Expansion Neptune Area Sewers

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Underground utility project, Lake Havasu, AZ Underground utility project, Lake Havasu, AZ Underground utility project, Lake Havasu, AZ Underground utility project, Lake Havasu, AZ
"While it is still fresh in the mind, I wished to take the time to applaud the work of the S.J. Louis Construction and their employees regarding the work in the Neptune phase of sewering. I have worked around lots of crews and equipment during my career and I would have to tell you that overall this crew did a fantastic job with the infrastructure and installation of the sewers and backwater valves in our area.

They just clicked like a well-oiled machine with very few problems. It was a pleasure watching and working with these folks. I would especially like to thank S.J.'s mainline foreman, Frank, for being so considerate of our needs regarding our private property, etc. The invasiveness was kept mimimal and their efficiency was top shelf.

I would also like to personally thank our city liasion in this area, Mike Henry. He made a large difference in how things were handled, and he was pleasant all of the time even when under pressue and went out of his way to help and keep us informed, so my hat is off to you as well.

Bottom line is that I hope that positive feedback from customers would contribute in a positive manner in the decision process when contract time rolls around. It is not always about the bottom line money that should carry all of the weight during this process.

In this time of negativity, I wished to give a tip of the hat to all these folks in making our portion of the sewer project a smooth transition. So once again, a big thank you to you all from us it was a breath of fresh air. My humble opinion anyways."
- Wayne W. Powell, Lake Havasu City

Owner City of Lake Havasu City

Value $6,489,847

Engineer AMEC

  • 124,700 LF of 4"-8" PVC Gravity Sewer
  • Install 150 48" diameter Manholes

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